About me

Hi there!
My name is Emilie. I’m a sentimental, forgetful, nostalgic and old-fashioned 80-year-old trapped in the body of a 21-year-old. I like things like history, fall, candles, sweaters archeology & long romantic walks to the fridge. Oh, and I love reading more than anything else. I have a super unintelligent cat named Gaia, a huge collection of books and sweaters, and a lovely boyfriend (read: photographer, muahaha). I live my little cozy, bookish life in Denmark, aka badass viking-country. Hyaaa! ⚔ Just kidding, life’s quite slow here. But I like life like that. Nice and steady.

Das me! With one of my signature sweaters and a copy of the Hobbit by our one true god, Tolkien.