My Autumn Playlist/Recommendations ♫

Like one of my favorite bookstagrammers always says; Hey, hi, hello friends! (That’s Reagen, if you didn’t know. Now you do. He’s amazing. Go follow him and shower him in love. He’s just as obsessed with autumn as I am.

Today I thought I’d give you a peek into my music taste! Now. I listen to a lot of different stuff, mainly punk and rock, but when autumn rolls around, my inner hipster peeks her head out and listens to indie nonstop. A lot of people ask me for music recommendations, so I figured: hey, I have a blog now! I gotta go share some great tunes, spread some good autumn-vibes, yo! ♫ So that’s what we’re gonna do. I have a lot of songs that I listen to during autumn, but here are some of my personal favorites that really get me in the  spirit.

How handy is this Spotify widget thingy? Hehe. You can also click on my name when you’re on the playlist, and check out some of my other public playlists! I have quite a few themed ones (50/60s, 80s, rock, hipster, etc). I regularly find new, lovely music, so be sure to check in every once in a while!

While a playlist is all nice and handy, I want to recommend a few specific artists and a few of their songs that I absolutely adore, and who remind me of autumn with their lovely tunes.

Simon and Garfunkel:

Ohh, how love these two. Their soft music just screams autumn to me. Their sound is so relaxing and soothing. Some of my favorite songs are:
The Dangling Conversation, At The Zoo, The Only Living Boy in New York, Overs, Old Friends, Scarborough Fair (love this one), and Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall.



Belle and Sebastian:

Now this band is a little special. I don’t know much about them, because they’re a little odd and mysterious in my head. Therefore I don’t really want to know much about them. Do you know that feeling? I know a LOT about my favorite bands, but every once in a while, there’s just that band that you want to remain mysterious and weird. A little secret.
Here are some of my favorite B&S songs:
Nobody’s Empire, I’m a Cuckoo, Winter Wooskie, Piazza New York Catcher, I Want The World To Stop. 

Johnny Flynn:

Oh boy oh boy. This guy has such a unique and lazy sound, and I LOVE it. He makes me want to read poetry and learn how to play the guitar, drink coffee and have intelligent conversations.
Here are some of my favorite Flynn songs:
The Wrote & the Writ, The Water (my FAVORITE song of his!), Barnacled Warship, Howl, Amazon Love, The Box, Tickle Me Pink, In April.

And last but not least, just some random songs that will forever have a place in my autumn heart. Some of these are on the playlist for you to discover, but they deserve a mention here as well:

Billy Joel: Piano Man
Aphex Twin: Avril 14th (writing this blog post to this one on repeat)
Phamie Gow: War Song
Fleet Foxes: Mykonos
Ed Prosek: Home
Ruth B: Lost Boy
The Oh Hellos: Hello My Old Heart
Passenger: Simple Song
Lord Huron: The Night We Met

That’s it for my autumn music recommendations. I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe found some new tunes for your own playlist!
If you liked this post, let me know. I might do more recommendations soon!

‘Till next time, stay cozy xx



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